Marketing Services

Effective marketing should never be about taking a one channel, one vehicle approach: it should be about intelligently integrating all marketing elements to achieve deeper impact.

At Impact Digital Marketing we don’t just focus on the here and now. Instead, we consider the bigger picture and take an integrated approach to your digital marketing strategy.

Our key services include

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    We develop strong digital marketing strategies that guide you towards your business goals. Whether you use a single digital channel or many, we help integrate them into one digital marketing approach.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Search engine optimisation has evolved over the years: it’s no longer just about keywords. SEO is now focused towards on-page and off-page elements, along with technical aspects of your website.

  • Pay Per Click

    PPC allows you to bid on relevant and targeted keywords to drive conversions. Our strategic PPC management allows you to reach your audience by device and location while they are in the buying mindset.

  • Social Media

    When it’s done right, social media helps increase your online brand awareness and engagement. We help you to use social media to add personality to your brand, and to share your content with your target audience.

  • Content Marketing

    Content is everything, and content marketing is the centrepiece that supports all of your digital activities. You need content to support your SEO, PPC and social media communications strategies, and we provide this to you.

  • Digital PR

    Audiences are increasingly moving away from traditional PR, consuming news over digital channels more than ever before. Our digital PR services are aimed at providing press releases in an optimised digital format for the web.

  • Email Marketing and Automation

    We add value to your campaigns, taking email marketing one step further with marketing automation. Marketing automation provides tracking capabilities and insight into your digital campaigns.

  • Responsive Website Development

    Consumers spend more time browsing the Internet on their mobile devices than they do on desktop PCs, and this trend is continuing. We build effective responsive websites that deliver an improved user experience (UX).

  • Website Management and Support

    A website is never finished: it will always be in beta. Meanwhile, the internet is constantly evolving. Whether you need an update to your website or new pages adding, we can help.