Why SEO and Video go Hand-in-Hand

SEO and Video

We’re beginning to see that SEO and video content are far more connected than previously thought.

Too many businesses see video as something that only the big organisations can use and afford. This is simply not true. Videos don’t all have to be big sweeping views of a huge office, or interviews with a few of the hundreds of staff you have available. Creating unique and engaging video content can really boost your brand: from how-to video guides to product promotion, the possibilities are endless. With video being one of the best types of ‘rich media’ available to boost your SEO, it’s definitely worth having.

Why Video?

Buffer social reported a number of interesting statistics regarding the effectiveness of video content: –

  • Around three times as many visitors per month are recorded on websites containing video content, in comparison to other types of content.
  • 88% more time is spent on websites containing videos.
  • For websites containing video, search engine traffic increases an average of 157%.
  • Most importantly, consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a promotional video for it.

The great thing about video is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something out of it, whether your goal is to increase conversions or to increase brand awareness. Most of us have a means of recording HD quality video, as well as having access to cheap or free editing software, making video a viable option for anyone looking to improve their SEO. Obviously, it is recommended that anyone looking to make the most of video should seek the help of a professional individual or company.

What Else can Video Do for Me?


Fun and entertaining content can engage the viewer with the brand. If the content you are producing keeps the attention of the viewer, as video is very good at doing, it gives you an opportunity to really get your message across. How many videos do you think that you alone watch in a day? These days we’re inundated with videos being shared on social media, showing us that the more entertaining they are to the user, the quicker they can spread across the internet and gain more visibility. This is great for SEO.


Educational videos offer two main benefits to an organisation when carried out correctly. Firstly, the expertise of the company is highlighted, demonstrating a (hopefully) high level of professional knowledge and skill on the topic that the audience is interested in. This helps to build a stronger brand and a reputation as a company whose expertise people can trust. Secondly, it gives viewers a greater understanding of the subject around which your company is based, making them more likely to understand the benefits that your products and services are offering them.

Brand Awareness

Developing content that your audience wants to share can generate a huge amount of traffic for your website. The key is to develop something entertaining or meaningful to the viewer, encouraging people to talk about your brand. This kind of free publicity is invaluable and is usually far more cost-effective than spending your marketing budget on TV adverts or over-investing in PPC campaigns.

Check some out some great examples of quality video content here.

YouTube and Google

You may or may not remember that way back in 2006, Google purchased YouTube. This is important, as it means that unique YouTube content of a decent quality will go down very well with Google’s search algorithms, helping you rank higher on the search results page. This isn’t just limited to Google, with other search engines such as DuckDuckGo also being notorious for ranking video content highly.

Video content is accessible to small as well as large businesses. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and people are beginning to realise that. Research by the Local Search Association (LSA) has shown that video use by smaller businesses doubled in 2015 compared to 2014.

Interested in Developing your own Video Content?

While it is entirely possible to develop video content internally, we recommend contacting professionals, even if just for advice. As with any type of content, the overall effect it has depends heavily on its quality. Specialist companies like Spark Engine, a creative video production company based in London, are the best places to look to for help when it comes to video content for your business.

For more information on SEO and video content marketing, or if you have any other digital marketing related queries, please feel free to contact us.

Ryan Sedgwick
Managing Director & Marketing Consultant at Impact Digital Markeitng
A Chartered Marketer, Ryan has gained extensive B2B and B2C marketing experience working across a broad spectrum of industries. Having graduated with a Masters in Marketing Communications from the University of Huddersfield, Ryan successfully utilises his skills and knowledge to effectively support businesses in getting the most from their marketing investments.