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Six Examples of How Digital PR Can Benefit Your Business

A list of the benefits digital PR can bring to your business.

The vast number of digital tools we now have at our disposal for interacting with our market is phenomenal. From blogging to vlogging, a consistent digital PR campaign can truly benefit a business.

Surprisingly in this day and age some people are still not utilising the online features they have available to them, instead opting for the more traditional (and often less cost-effective) methods of engaging with consumers. Digital is fast becoming the predominant means of communication in the marketing world. With the amount of people using the internet and various mainstream social media sites, engaging with your audience has never been easier. For this reason, we’ve outlined just a few ways of how digital PR can benefit your business.

One: High authority and relevant links from credible online publications.

  • These referrals will give your content more credibility, as it is being referenced by other respected entities. This will also prompt people to view you as a credible and respectable source of information.
  • As other sources link to your content, you will receive a greater number of visits to the site through the readers who follow the link. This is turn can lead to a greater number of conversions.
  • This also will help improve your search engine ranking score.

Two: Improved search rankings.

  • Provided you are releasing useful and high quality content, search engines such as Google will begin to rank you higher on their results pages.
  • This content is also likely to be shared on social media if you are correctly managing your social sites and promoting interactions – shares, likes, comments etc. When this content is shared it can be picked up by more and more users, prompting even more visitors to your site. These interactions can again boost your ranking score.

Three: Manage and maintain your brand reputation and identity.

  • This enables you to engage with market influencers who have the ability to encourage conversions and boost sales.
  • You will be able to respond to any customer issues in real time, increasing consumer confidence in your brand, or at least limiting any damage to your reputation.

Four: Convey key messages and USPs to influence purchase decisions.

  • With digital it’s possible to push out integrated campaigns using video messages, images and written content to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, all for far lower a cost than, say, airing a television advert.

Five: Build good relationships with consumers; encouraging brand loyalty.

  • Creating a dialogue between you and your customers can really reinforce the sense of a one-on-one relationship and promote brand loyalty, giving your organisation a human touch which consumers will respond to. Not only this, but interactions will likely be seen by others and can create further interest in the company.

Six: Measure your success.

  • Using digital as a means of communication allows you to track almost every aspect of how successful your interactions have been. Using this sort of information can help guide your future marketing campaigns, as you begin to learn what your target market responds to in a positive way.

Two tools we recommend using to help get the most out of digital PR are Google Analytics and Google Alerts. Google Analytics allows you to keep an eye on precisely how you’re performing online by showing you statistics such as click-through-rate and conversions. Google Alerts is set up to send you an alert email whenever someone mentions you on the web, allowing you to respond to and engage with them.

With the correct PR strategy and the right level of commitment, you will undoubtedly see a difference in online conversions and sales, two great reasons to experience for yourself just how digital PR can benefit your business. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss how IDM could create and manage a successful digital PR campaign for your business.

Ryan Sedgwick
Managing Director & Marketing Consultant at Impact Digital Markeitng
A Chartered Marketer, Ryan has gained extensive B2B and B2C marketing experience working across a broad spectrum of industries. Having graduated with a Masters in Marketing Communications from the University of Huddersfield, Ryan successfully utilises his skills and knowledge to effectively support businesses in getting the most from their marketing investments.