Our Ultimate Guide to AdWords Remarketing: What is it and why is it so good?

AdWords Remarketing Guide with IDM

AdWords remarketing allows marketers to draw back in web users who have shown an interest in their company. This can help drive sales and sign-ups, and can increase brand awareness.

AdWords remarketing is a product linked to standard Google AdWords and Bing Ads which allows you to reconnect with users online. It cleverly picks up on items you have viewed, videos you may have watched and so on, in order to target you with specified adverts after you’ve moved away from the website. This is about hooking back in those people who have showed an interest in the brand somewhere online but who have perhaps not made the conversion to a sale. We’ve made our own guide to AdWords remarketing to help explain what it is and why it’s so valuable to the modern business.


As you’re targeting a far smaller group than with a general PPC campaign, you will pay far less than you will with regular AdWords. You can utilise automated bid strategies to help ensure that you are bidding the correct amount for the user seeing your ad. The users being targeted have already shown an interest in your brand; this is just about prompting them into taking that final step towards becoming a conversion. This is far easier to do than attempting to reach out to new prospects who may not be interested.

Specified Ads

AdWords remarketing targets those people who may have explored your website, viewed some of your products or even placed a product of yours in their shopping basket. It can even target people who have viewed a video you have on YouTube. There is a vast level of detail you can go into when setting the specific criteria you would like the ads to use as guidance for what to display and who to display it to, driving you toward your marketing objective more directly. For example, you can approach a user who had previously added an item to her/his shopping basket – but not made the purchase – with an ad displaying that product, keeping the potential purchase on their mind and providing them a link straight back to the product. This specific type of remarketing is known as ‘dynamic’ remarketing.

You Can Utilise More Creative Ads

Remarketing ads allow you to use a range of creative methods of communication that standard PPC and SEO do not allow. You can use images, animations and videos to illustrate your point and grab the user’s attention. Harvard Business Review found in their research into the effectiveness of creativity in advertising that for every euro spent on a highly creative campaign, there would be nearly double the sales impact of a euro spent on a non-creative campaign. This shows the importance of being able to get those creative ads out there.

However, There Are Some Limitations…

User online privacy is a hot topic these days, especially given all the recent data collection and hacking scandals brought to public attention by the media. This has led to a rise in popularity of private browsers such as DuckDuckGo, which allows users to browse the web without revealing any of the information that systems such as AdWords remarketing rely on to function. Factors such as these will obviously impact the success of your campaign as online privacy measures become more common practise; however, at present it’s still more than worth investing in.

In Summary

When utilised correctly, remarketing can result in very low cost per action (CPA) and brilliant re-conversion rates for users who may have otherwise not returned. As with all marketing tools, remember this needs to be used in conjunction with other methods as part of a wider marketing campaign.

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Ryan Sedgwick
Managing Director & Marketing Consultant at Impact Digital Markeitng
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