Nurturing Leads with Advanced Retargeting

Advanced Retargeting

We’ve all seen AdWords remarketing ads, prompting us to revisit the pair of shoes that never quite made it out of the shopping basket. Advanced retargeting takes things to a whole new level.

We discussed AdWords retargeting in a previous blog post, where we explained the benefits of taking a proactive approach towards encouraging buying behaviour, rather than waiting for leads to find their own way. We also gave a basic overview of remarketing software’s capabilities. Advanced retargeting takes things one step further, combining with account-based marketing to deliver a retargeting program that is aware of where your lead is in the buying process. This is a particularly useful tool for converting B2B leads into paying customers.

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Lead nurturing

Buyers don’t just jump from one end of the sales funnel to the other; there is a process involved. This process isn’t always carried out from start to finish, and there isn’t a specific timeline you can place on it. Lead nurturing is about recognising at which point in the sales funnel your prospects are, and giving them a helping hand towards making a purchase, without actually telling them to. This is often done through email marketing; however, other methods of communication are just as useful.

The importance behind not always sending out ‘buy me now’ messages is that your prospects are not always ready to do so at that moment in time. It is generally off-putting, and you can actually lose potential customers. By guiding them down the sales funnel, you are putting them in a position to complete a purchase in their own time.

What is account-based marketing?

Using the information that you’ve been gathering in your marketing automation system, you can begin to construct a profile for your ideal account or prospect: this is the sort of prospect that you are aiming to target. You need to understand how this sort of profile operates. What are their goals? What is their decision making process when it comes to your type of product?

Following this, you should consider the personas of the key individuals in that decision making process: the decision makers and influencers. A persona looks at the behaviour of the individual and how they interact with different methods of communication, so that you can figure out the best way to reach them. If you understand all of this, you can coordinate a highly targeted lead nurture campaign.

Advanced retargeting

By combining account-based marketing with lead nurturing, we can guide the behaviour of both decision makers and influencers in a way that is highly relevant to their position within the sales funnel, which represents their position within the decision making process.

Although they ultimately want the same outcome, decision makers and influencers are often motivated by differing factors when it comes to picking the right product. Decision makers are often more concerned with ROI, whereas an influencer, such as a lower level manager, may be more interested in having a product that they will find easy to use. This is where choosing the right piece of content becomes key, which is why it is important to understand your targets’ key business drivers before-hand, and it is why creating personas for the people within the organisation is necessary.

An example

Company A requires a service that Company B provides. Sophie, who is a decision maker at Company A, tasks Oliver, a manager, with finding this product.

Oliver does some research, and comes across Company B’s website. He downloads a whitepaper giving an in depth look at the product and its use. This means that Oliver is now in Company B’s CRM system. Sophie is already in there under Company A’s profile.

Using information from their marketing automation platform, Company B will now place Oliver in their lead nurture program. He will receive an email with content based around what he has already shown an interest in, with relevant ads also displayed. The same will happen with Sophie, with content more relevant to her.

This will continue over time, gradually working from top of funnel to bottom of funnel based on their interactions with the nurture program and website.

By the time that Company A are ready to buy, they will have a solid understanding of the product that Company B are offering, as well as a lot of exposure to the brand through advertising.

Converting leads

Lead generation is only a small part of the battle. Without ongoing nurturing and brand exposure, leads can quickly forget about you. Advanced retargeting keeps you in the fight.

For more information on how advanced retargeting could be integrated into your marketing strategy, or if you have any other marketing related queries, feel free to contact Impact Digital Marketing.

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Ryan Sedgwick
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