Google Algorithm Update: How Does it Affect You?

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The latest Google algorithm update was announced in March. Why have Google updated their algorithm, and how does it affect you?

Google want their search engine to deliver the most relevant results, as quickly as possible. In order to rank webpages in terms of relevance, Google utilise several algorithms to help them understand what you are looking for, and how they can best provide information that will help you.

As they explained on Twitter, Google are constantly working to improve the results they deliver. This involves minor changes on a daily basis, along with the occasional major Google algorithm update; you may have heard of updates known as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

But they don’t always have names. This latest Google algorithm update, despite not having a catchy title, is having an effect on website rankings throughout the world. How does it affect you?

The Latest Google Algorithm Update

Google typically update their algorithm in order to achieve specific improvements, or to make broad changes. The latest Google algorithm update falls into the latter category; its stated aim is to benefit “pages that were previously under-rewarded”. You may have noticed your website’s ranking performance improve. If so, great! Keep on doing what you’re doing. Your rankings may also have dropped, or perhaps they haven’t changed at all. If your rankings have dropped, how can you fix this?

We’d love to be able to offer you a ‘Quick Fix Guide to the Latest Google Algorithm Update’, but unfortunately that’s not how Google work. What’s going on behind the scenes of Google’s algorithms is a closely guarded secret, and there are no quick fix changes you can make to claw yourself back onto those first couple of pages if you’ve fallen off.

How Can You Improve Your Search Rankings?

There are no quick fixes that will shoot you up Google’s search results, but there are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices that Google have been proven to reward. Implement these best practices for your website and you will see steady improvements in your search rankings, no matter what the latest Google algorithm brings. If you need support and guidance, Impact Digital Marketing can help. Contact us to learn more.

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