Five Reasons Why You Need Marketing Automation

How can marketing automation help your business?

Scheduling time to organise your marketing communications is not always easy. Marketing automation allows you to manage them strategically and in a far more efficient way.

With marketing automation, you can automate the release of marketing communications as and when (and where) you want to, without the time and hassle that comes with sending everything out manually. This brings with it a number of additional benefits. At Impact Digital Marketing, we encourage businesses to maximise their marketing investments; here we’ve compiled a list of five reasons why you need marketing automation.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is software that allows you to execute marketing communications in a far more efficient and organised way. It gives you much more control over the process, and enables you to target potential and existing customers in a strategic manner throughout the buying process. In particular, marketing automation can help with four core areas: –

  • Email – sending out campaigns in line with your retention and acquisition strategies;
  • Social media – monitoring and managing social media posts;
  • Website actions – tracking website visits and interactions with IP tracking;
  • Landing pages – creating landing pages based on your website template for specific calls to action.

How Can Marketing Automation Benefit Me?

  1. Cost-Effective

Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective methods of marketing communication, with service providers such as Act-On offering competitively priced annual contracts depending on the level of service you think you will need. Email offers instant access to potential leads and, unlike other forms of marketing communication such as print and TV advertisements, can easily be altered and tracked.

  1. Personalised

Marketing automation allows you to target groups with specific messages relevant to them, including details such as their name, job title and so on. These small details make people feel like they are dealing with a human, not a robot, making them more likely to respond positively. It also helps to avoid annoying email recipients with information they have no interest in.

Personalised Email via Marketing Automation

  1. Allows you to Nurture

Using marketing automation allows you to drip feed recipients relevant information over a period of time, based on previous actions. For example, the content on consecutive emails will be dependent on how much of an interest the recipient showed in the previous one e.g. did they click any links or download anything? This can help to guide them through the buying process and develop a greater sense of involvement with the brand.

This does not just apply to new prospects; existing customers also require attention in order to keep them interested in the brand and increase the chances of a repeat purchase.

  1. Tracking and Analysis

Marketing automation allows you to see which topics your audience are most interested in and develop future content around that, saving time wasted on creating anything you can see that they will either ignore or become irritated by. By monitoring who is taking an interest in your content, by following links, downloading whitepapers, and so on, you can notify your sales team and begin to turn those individuals into conversions.

  1. Faster Lead Conversion

By making the whole process more efficient and effective, you can seriously reduce the amount of time it takes for leads to convert. VB Marketing found that 77% of marketing automation users saw their number of conversions increase over six months. By keeping leads interested in what you have to offer with consistent tailored content, they are far more likely to take that extra step.

In Summary

Marketing automation is beneficial for organisations that are looking to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing communications to potential prospects and existing customers. Understanding how to utilise this sort of software fully can sometimes be a bit of a minefield, however. For more information on how marketing automation can be used to improve your marketing communications, contact us for a free demo.

Ryan Sedgwick
Managing Director & Marketing Consultant at Impact Digital Markeitng
A Chartered Marketer, Ryan has gained extensive B2B and B2C marketing experience working across a broad spectrum of industries. Having graduated with a Masters in Marketing Communications from the University of Huddersfield, Ryan successfully utilises his skills and knowledge to effectively support businesses in getting the most from their marketing investments.