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Google Brand Safety Controls Blog

Google Brand Safety Controls: 3.2 Billion Ads Removed

Following the introduction of the new Google brand safety controls in 2017, 3.2 billion ads have been removed by the organisation. The past few years have seen scandal after scandal hit the online world. From extremist content to alleged Russian…
Google Search Algorithm
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Google’s Search Algorithm: Over 200 Ranking Factors Explained (Updated for 2017)

Everyone knows the Google search algorithm is complex, but I bet you didn’t know just how complex it is. Not too long ago we watched a video in which Matt Cutts gives a very concise explanation of how Google search works. He mentions Google…
Advanced Retargeting

Nurturing Leads with Advanced Retargeting

We’ve all seen AdWords remarketing ads, prompting us to revisit the pair of shoes that never quite made it out of the shopping basket. Advanced retargeting takes things to a whole new level. We discussed AdWords retargeting in a previous…
How to manage your Google AdWords users
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Adding and Removing Users to Your Google AdWords Account

From time to time you may need to add or remove a user to or from your Google AdWords account. This could be for various reasons. We have created a step by step guide on adding and removing user profiles to and from your Google AdWords account. Adding…
AdWords Remarketing Guide with IDM

Our Ultimate Guide to AdWords Remarketing: What is it and why is it so good?

AdWords remarketing allows marketers to draw back in web users who have shown an interest in their company. This can help drive sales and sign-ups, and can increase brand awareness. AdWords remarketing is a product linked to standard Google…
Impact Digital Marketing How to Improve your Bounce Rate

Six Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

Unsure why you’re using up all your AdWords budget but seeing very little in the way of sales and sign-ups? Improving your bounce rate can help drive you towards achieving greater conversion rates whilst saving you money. What is bounce…
PPC Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier
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Five PPC Shortcuts to Simplify Your Life and Save Time

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a great way for organisations of any size to target potential buyers and create more visits to their site in a non-organic way. However, with incorrect management it can prove costly and time-consuming. It’s…
What is SEO?
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What is SEO and Why is it Critical for an SME?

You've probably heard a number of people talk about SEO in reference to websites and blogs. But what actually is SEO, and why is it important? SEO (or search engine optimisation) is the process of increasing the visibility of a webpage on the…