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Post-Purchase Engagement Strategy Blog

How to Enhance Your Post-Purchase Engagement Strategy

A great consumer journey doesn’t end with the purchase of a product or service. Enhance your post-purchase engagement strategy and turn consumers into advocates. The continuing decline of high street retail, along with the seemingly unstoppable…
Increase Website Conversions Blog

10 Best Practice Tips to Increase Website Conversions

Is your website delivering the results your business expects? Follow our 10 best practice tips and you’ll increase website conversions. “If you build it, they will come.” So you’ve built your website, and you’ve filled it with…
How to improve your content marketing
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How to Improve Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of any good marketing strategy, helping your brand stand out from the crowd. And yet many of us still don’t seem to have quite figured it out. Content marketing in the modern era should be treated as a necessity.…
Update your website to HTTPS
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How to Update Your Website to HTTPS

If your website isn’t currently HTTPS, it should be. In this blog post we provide a straightforward rundown of how to update your website to HTTPS. Are you looking to improve your search engine rankings? Do you want to increase user confidence…
Phishing emails and staying safe

Phishing emails are on the rise, and spotting them is not an easy task.

With the rise in our use of technology, digital marketing, and other modern forms of communication, it's not surprising that hackers and scammers are adjusting their approach to targeting their victims. As a digital marketing agency, we…
How to improve your Google Knowledge Graph
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Improve your Google listing with the Google Knowledge Graph

If you’re an Internet marketer, you’re probably familiar with the Google Knowledge Graph. But if not, here’s what it is and why you should be using it for your company. The Google Knowledge Graph is part of Google’s semantic search…
Keeping your WordPress website secure
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10 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website Safe and Secure

Never say never! That’s a phrase that’s becoming more common in the world of technology, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. With the best will in the world, you can’t stop every possible hack or cyber-attack. However, you can…
Website been hacked?

Has My Website Been Hacked?

Online threats are constantly on the rise. As technologies advance, so do hackers’ techniques to take advantage of vulnerabilities. As online marketers, we know the importance of your digital marketing activities and how important your website…
Adding your business to Google Knowledge Graph
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How to Add Your Business to the Google Knowledge Graph

The Google Knowledge Graph is the section you see in the top right-hand corner of Google when you search for a company, brand name, or celebrity. As a marketer, you should be thinking about listing your business or product in Google’s Knowledge…
How to deal with ghost referrer spam

Trying to fix ghost referrer spam? You're not alone.

As a digital marketing specialist, we've seen an increasing number of suspicious referring sites in our clients' Google Analytics traffic reports. What is ghost referrer spam? Ghost referrer spam is where a site sends false/fake traffic to…