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10 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website Safe and Secure

Never say never! That’s a phrase that’s becoming more common in the world of technology, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. With the best will in the world, you can’t stop every possible hack or cyber-attack. However, you can make sure that you have taken all the necessary precautions to safeguard your WordPress website. At Impact Digital Marketing we […]


Has My Website Been Hacked?

Online threats are constantly on the rise. As technologies advance, so do hackers’ techniques to take advantage of vulnerabilities. As online marketers, we know the importance of your digital marketing activities and how important your website is, so we’ve put together some useful tips to check if your site has been hacked or compromised. Checking […]

Six Tips to Promote Your Website

So, you’ve built your new website and made it available to the world. But how do you get visitors to come to you? This blog gives you six tips to promote your website. What do you think about when you’re building and managing a website? The sitemap? Which web design agency to use? The content […]


Nurturing Leads with Advanced Retargeting

We’ve all seen AdWords remarketing ads, prompting us to revisit the pair of shoes that never quite made it out of the shopping basket. Advanced retargeting takes things to a whole new level. We discussed AdWords retargeting in a previous blog post, where we explained the benefits of taking a proactive approach towards encouraging buying […]


Will Brexit Affect your Marketing?

No matter which side you were on, there’s no doubt about the result. Brexit is happening. But what does that mean for your business and its marketing? For those of you who have been hiding away under a rock, Brexit is the nickname given to Britain’s planned exit from the EU, following the 2016 EU […]

The Importance of Colour in Marketing

Colour in marketing can fundamentally change the way we view a brand or product. Understanding how this happens is crucial when designing the aesthetics for anything we are involved in. Many businesses struggle when it comes to deciding on the design of logos, websites, fonts, and so on, and with good reason. Aesthetics are incredibly […]

Why Outsource to a Marketing Agency?

A strong marketing campaign can drive a business forward into new and profitable areas. The problem is, most businesses are unable to maintain the level of commitment required. This is where an outsourced marketing agency comes in. A problem many business owners suffer from is the belief that they can do it all themselves. Whilst […]

Why SEO and Video go Hand-in-Hand

We’re beginning to see that SEO and video content are far more connected than previously thought. Too many businesses see video as something that only the big organisations can use and afford. This is simply not true. Videos don’t all have to be big sweeping views of a huge office, or interviews with a few of […]