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How to Add Your Business to the Google Knowledge Graph

Adding your business to Google Knowledge Graph

The Google Knowledge Graph is the section you see in the top right-hand corner of Google when you search for a company, brand name, or celebrity.

As a marketer, you should be thinking about listing your business or product in Google’s Knowledge Graph to gain as much exposure as possible. See the example below for Impact Digital Marketing.


As you can see, the Knowledge Graph helps to increase your brand exposure and enhances your listing in Google.

So, how do you add your business or brand to the Google Knowledge Graph?

As we covered in a previous post Improve Your Google Listing with the Google Knowledge Graph, you should use structured data on your website to help improve your search appearance. However, this doesn’t guarantee that Google will use it.

Regardless, you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any potential benefits that this can add to your search appearance.

Once you’ve created your Google account, you should head over to Google My Business to create your company listing, where you’ll need to create a category for your profile.

Tip: We suggest creating an account with your work email address to avoid mixing it up with your personal accounts. If you already have a Google Analytics, Google AdWords, or Google Search Console account, you should use the same account. Linking all your Google accounts together with the same login is much easier, and you’ll thank me later!

Choosing the right category for your business

This is critical. You need to make sure to select the most appropriate category that represents your business.

The following categories are available: –

  • Locations based (this will add you to Google Maps with a marker)


  • Brand Pages for those without a physical location (and choose one of the following that best represents the type of page you are creating): –
    • Product or Brand
    • Entertainment
    • Community
    • Other

To create a Brand Page, you will be prompted to create a Google+ page. Make sure that the web address is correct, and that you enter your company/brand name and phone number consistently with that on your website.

Verify your listing

Once you complete the above process, Google will likely send you a verification code to confirm that you represent that business. Once you receive the code, enter it and you’re all verified.

Need assistance?

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