10 Reasons to Consider an Outsourced Marketing Department

Your outsourced marketing department

Most businesses will benefit from digital marketing, but do you keep it in house or look to outsource? This blog provides 10 reasons to consider an outsourced marketing department.

To outsource or not to outsource? This question faces businesses a great deal. Whether it’s your payroll, your IT support, or anything that is not a primary business driver, you’ll probably have considered the positives and negatives of outsourcing to a specialist third party. But have you considered an outsourced marketing department?

At Impact Digital Marketing, we often find businesses that see marketing as a ‘necessary evil’. They have low expectations of marketing, and so do not invest much in it. Typically, a Marketing Intern will be employed and expected to manage the breadth of marketing operations for the business.

We believe that, once businesses truly understand the benefits that digital marketing brings, they will be more willing to invest properly. This typically means a choice between building an internal marketing department, or engaging with a specialist third party outsourced marketing department.

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10 Reasons to Consider an Outsourced Marketing Department

When it comes to your business’s marketing strategy, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach that we’re going to sell you in this blog post. However, if digital marketing is not your business’s core focus, we think that you should at least consider the benefits of employing an outsourced marketing department.

Here are 10 reasons why this is something you should consider: –

  1. Access to Skills and Expertise. An outsourced marketing department possesses skills, expertise, and practical experience beyond that which most businesses could achieve through an internal team. In addition to this, the technology systems and platforms that an outsourced marketing department has access to are often costly and not economical for a business to access alone.
  2. Joined-Up Thinking. Outsourced marketing departments employ skilled individuals who employ joined-up thinking across a number of disciplines, whether it’s social, web development, content, marketing automation, or any of the components of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  3. Cost Effective. On a like-for-like basis, an outsourced marketing department is almost always cheaper than an internal marketing team. This is an important consideration for businesses who want to focus on maximising their return on marketing investment.
  4. Scalable. When you employ an outsourced marketing department you only need to pay for what you want, when you want. Unlike with an internal marketing team, you can easily scale your services up and down, depending on your requirements at the time.
  5. Flexible. An outsourced marketing department gives you access to a wide range of marketing professionals, who can be utilised as required. Whether you need a copywriter, a web developer, a project manager, or a chartered marketer, outsourcing gives you the flexibility to utilise a wide range of skill sets.
  6. Low Human Resources Impact. As any business owner knows, employing people carries with it a significant overhead. Outsourced marketing departments, on the other hand, have no PAYE, holiday, sick pay, or training burden.
  7. Lower Management Overheads. Managing an outsourced marketing department is typically less resource intensive than managing an internal marketing team. This is especially true when the line manager overseeing the marketing department in the company is not a marketing expert.
  8. No Recruitment Fees. Employing the best talent can often mean suffering recruitment feeds. Outsourced marketing departments remove the need for recruitment agencies and their fees, saving you unnecessary expenditure.
  9. Finding the Right Fit. Just like job applicants, not all digital marketing agencies will be the right fit for all businesses. Putting the time in to finding the right agency will ensure that their products, services, and people are well aligned to your business and its requirements.
  10. Less Red Tape. Businesses often find that there is less time-consuming red tape and bureaucracy when dealing with an outsourced marketing agency. This is when compared to the HR, management, and technology requirements of an internal marketing team.

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For any business in 2016 that is seeking to grow and develop, digital marketing is an important consideration. Although many businesses will benefit from employing an internal marketing team, there are compelling reasons to consider an outsourced marketing department.

Impact Digital Marketing deliver effective marketing services that span the breadth of your business’s marketing requirements and will increase your return on investment. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about implementing an outsourced marketing department.

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Ryan Sedgwick
Managing Director & Marketing Consultant at Impact Digital Markeitng
A Chartered Marketer, Ryan has gained extensive B2B and B2C marketing experience working across a broad spectrum of industries. Having graduated with a Masters in Marketing Communications from the University of Huddersfield, Ryan successfully utilises his skills and knowledge to effectively support businesses in getting the most from their marketing investments.