Impact Digital Marketing Limited – Who we are

Impact Digital Marketing Limited is a new agency, and we’re taking a fresh approach to digital marketing that is delivering impressive results for our customers.

The key to our success is the integration between our marketing services: when we tailor a digital marketing strategy for your business, it will balance marketing services in a way that maximises your investment and reduces unnecessary expenditure.

Why do we do this? Well, we’ve seen the alternatives: over-investment in PPC that creates dependency on continual large expenditure; short-term content strategies that burn out before they really get going; website development that focuses too much on design and not enough on functionality.

Before forming Impact Digital Marketing we amassed years of experience in working with organisations of all sizes, operating within B2B and B2C marketing for sectors as diverse as IT, retail, construction, and engineering.

At Impact Digital Marketing we have the experience, knowledge, and capability to avoid the pitfalls and deliver digital marketing services that produce predictable, tangible results that maximise your marketing investment.